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Wingless series tight at the top! 
Dilly Bar Nite Sat

By Bob Burbach
Marysville CA - July 13, 2011 --- Weíll be slinginí Ďem in sideways Saturday night as the MRP Wingless Sprint Car Series returns to Paul and Kathy Hawesí Marysville Raceway Park. The MRP Super Stocks, Mini Stocks and Hobby Stocks are also scheduled. Plus, itís Dilly Bar Nite! Mike Hall and the gang at Dairy Queen of Yuba City will be offering FREE, yep, FREE Dilly Bars to everyone who attends the event.

While stock car stars Corey Hall and Misty Castleberry have nice leads in their respective classes, MRP Wingless Sprint Car Series point leader Brett Youngman has no such luxury. Youngman in his familiar XX has an 11 point lead on rookie contender Joel Giusti in the ďFlyiní FordĒ. Ray Benkowski is only 1 point behind Giusti in his familiar blue hot rod and Jeremy Hawes is only 4 points behind Benkowski. What this really means is that this tussle for the season long championship is far from over and any one of the 4 aforementioned drivers can win it. Only 16 points separate them.

Of the 4 at the top only Hawes has been to victory lane at MRP in this class. Giustiís close to being good enough in this class, but hasnít won yet. MRP Super Stock star Benkowski is close to getting the job done if he can keep the mechanical gremlins out of the picture. But Youngman is due. Only the strangest twists of fate have kept Youngman from the checkers and a well deserved victory lane appearance. Adding to that heís now in a point battle that he has to pay attention to. Youngman has been an ardent supporter of the racing programs at MRP. He would be a worthy champion, but there are a lot of drivers who still will have something to say and do about that. 

We donít want to leave the subject of the MRP Wingless Sprint Car Series without a nod going to Janna Spear. Spear has stepped up the program this year and has been impressive in her 2011 outings thus far. Spear too has had her issues with luck and mechanical woes, but she, also looks to be heading in the right direction; forward.

A real wild card in all of this is David Sprigg. If Sprigg shows up, he can win. Heís in championship caliber machinery. Sprigg canít contend for the title, but he can contend for the victory. The MRP Wingless Sprint Car Series hasnít been on the track since June 19th and they are ready to get back at it; sideways at 100 mph.

As it is Dilly Bar Nite Saturday and as Dairy Queen is the sponsor of MRP Super Stock star Corey Hall, and as the mighty Super Stocks are on the card Saturday, let us say, ďit ainít over till itís overĒ. James Castleberry, with his convincing win last Saturday, has shown that he hasnít given this thing up by a long shot. The Super Stocks put on a head-spinning non-stop feature event last Saturday and Castleberry distanced the field by a straightaway.

Hall calmly (if you can be calm at 80 mph) cruised into 2nd. While Castleberry sent a shot across the bow, Hall seemed not to notice. His charge into 2nd cushioned any real hit he might have taken in the points. Hall has matured from the fast rookie who would make mistakes to a polished, savvy veteran in just a couple of years. His title in the class last year was no fluke. He won races to win the title. Castleberry will have to offer more exceptional performances like the one he put on last Saturday if he hopes to catch the champ. Castleberry can do it. It looked like he enjoyed getting back to victory lane.

Watch for Sean Hulsey this week. Hulsey had Ďem covered last week, before a miscue on lap 4 cost him the feature win. Heís better than anyone was expecting this season and has been a really bright spot in the season so far. With past champion Billy Knoop and the always quick Willie Horn, there are plenty of different ways that Saturdayís feature could go.

The surprise of the MRP Mini Stock season is undoubtedly the fine performances of Mark Hill. Misty Castleberry seems to have the championship trophy within sight, but lately victory lane has been occupied by a stark white #8. Sprint car veteran Hill has returned to the class where it all started and has truly been impressive. Since he returned after a couple of years off, Hill has been quicker each outing and continues to show the uncanny smoothness that he is known for. Not wild or over the top, Hill just gets the job done. Itís what he does. Adding Hill to this wild and often controversial class has been another bright spot in the 2011 season. All the stars will be there Saturday, Furuta, Castleberry, Merritt, Kames, Clayton, Law, Gallier, Luster and Ford among them. The Minis have been off a couple of weeks playing in other back yards. Getting back home should make for a spectacular show. So, who has something for Hill?

The MRP Hobby Stocks will give it a go again as well this Saturday. A couple of new cars are completed and ready to go. This entry level stock car class can be great fun to watch.

The pit gate opens at 3pm and the front gate opens at 5. 1st race will go off around 6:30 after hot laps.

IMPORTANT: 2011 minor releases must be signed by parents for all minors entering the pits. Concessions will be available. All classes of racecar are invited to participate. 

Note: Please make this observer aware of any names that are misspelled or incorrect. The text is based on information we have at the time of its release.