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2nd Rich Dozier 100 Sat. 5-division program on tap.
By Bob Burbach
Marysville CA - July 19, 2011 --- It couldn’t be any better celebrating the 2nd Rich Dozier 100 and Performance Auto Supply Night at the Races by offering all 5 of MRP’s primary divisions on the card. Rich “Pops” Dozier and his Performance Auto Supply has supplied parts, advice and competition to almost everyone associated with the weekly races at Paul and Kathy Hawes’ Marysville Raceway Park. The “Performance Auto Supply” decals and logo grace some 30 racecars that this observer can think of right off the bat. Surely there’s more.

So many of our special events have the word “memorial” in their names that it is refreshing in that we have an annual special event that honors someone who will actually be attending the race this Saturday. The following are some thoughts from last year’s event (with a couple of changes), as this observer just couldn’t think of anything better to say:

Saturday is the 2nd Performance Auto Supply Night and the 2nd “Rich Dozier 100”. Richard “Pops” Dozier and the staff at “Performance” have been ardent supporters of this raceway since its inception back in 1968. That’s 43 years ago. This year is special as we almost lost “Pops”, but for a miracle of medical science. So, this event gives us pause to reflect how very lucky we all are to be here tonight sharing another event here, at MRP.

Rumor has it that Richard actually designed part of this place and stacked up some of the original blocks that used to support the old wooden grandstands. If it’s true, no one could doubt it. If it isn’t, who cares; it’s part of the legend that “Pops” Dozier has created in our racing community.

In this observer’s collection of racing memorabilia I ran across photos of “Pops” in a supermodified AND a stock car dated the same weekend at different tracks. Is it a mistake? Probably not. Richard is one of the most versatile drivers ever from this area. Richard last drove a winged sprint car competitively at MRP as late as 2007.

Performance and “Pops” in particular have supplied parts and equipment to thousands of racers and owners over the years. So, it’s only fitting that we should all gather at the venerable old raceway and turn some laps in anger tonight in honor of Richard Dozier and his Performance Auto Supply.

There are many sides of this man called “Pops”. I used to be the Race Director at MRP. The heated, compassionate competitor that “Pops” can be was apparent on more than one occasion during those seasons. He had more than a couple of creative comments when it came to his assessment on how I was running things. Sometimes nose to nose using expletives we wouldn’t want to revisit here. Then, he could switch from any emotion into the calculated businessman he needed to be at his beloved “Performance”. On more than one occasion while visiting his place of business I’ve seen “Pops” disappear into the tall caverns of parts that sit behind the counter at “Performance”. When nobody else in the place can figure anything out, or how to solve a racer’s problem, “Pops” will melt into the murky void. He will re-appear from the darkness with some dust covered little box that is just exactly what is needed to solve the racer’s problem. Where he got it from?…only he could tell you. Then he’d scratch a figure on some ancient order pad and the customer was off with a smile. “Pops” could smile too as his savvy put another driver on the track at MRP. More than that, “Pops” is a fan of the sport. Like it or not, “Pops” is a constant reminder that a veteran participant in this great sport needs to wear many hats. If his 50 years of race driving doesn’t put him in the annals of the all time greats around here, his dedication to the sport will. This is his night; let’s celebrate. 

There are 100 laps of feature event racing scheduled with rapid fire 20-lappers in each division. The Performance Auto Supply Winged Sprint Car Series, the MRP Wingless Warrior Sprint Car Series, the MRP Super Stocks, Mini Stocks and Hobby Stocks will all share in this outstanding offering.

The pit gate opens at 3pm and the front gate opens at 5. 1st race will go off around 6:30 after hot laps.

IMPORTANT: 2011 minor releases must be signed by parents for all minors entering the pits. Concessions will be available. All classes of racecar are invited to participate. 

Note: Please make this observer aware of any names that are misspelled or incorrect. The text is based on information we have at the time of its release.