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By a nose for Hall & Law. 
Reyna gets winged $ as Jeremy doubles.
By Bob Burbach
Marysville CA - July 24, 2011 --- It was the 2nd Rich Dozier 100 and Performance Auto Supply Nite at Paul and Kathy Hawes’ Marysville Raceway Park Saturday night and it was a “doosie”! Two of the fendered features were decided by…yep, a fender, and the sprint car races were filled with surprises in both divisions. MRP lady star Reyna Krueger led early and grabbed the Performance Auto Supply Winged Sprint feature after late leader Colby Wiesz had problems. Jeremy Hawes kept it on all 4 wheels after a scary start and wound up in victory lane in the MRP Wingless Warrior Sprint Car Series main event. Corey Hall earned a fabulous victory after a stirring duel at the front in the MRP Super Stock closer. Howard Law muscled his way into victory lane in the MRP Mini Stock finale as Jeremy Hawes wound up 2 for 2 while 2-wheeling his way to the line in the Hobby Stock main. All in all it was a rip-roaring great time with twists and turns in every division. 

In the Performance Auto Supply Winged Sprint Car feature Krueger got to the front right away and was on cruise control looking for a pretty easy win, or so it seemed. Cort Dozier, making his 1st start in a year was surprisingly competitive and stayed 2nd until 47 time feature event winner Colby Wiesz got by for 2nd on lap 3. Krueger had a big lead for so early in the going and Wiesz had to go to work. The 100 degree temperatures all day played havoc with the surface and it changed rapidly throughout most of the night despite efforts by promoter Hawes’ to keep things hooked up.

Long green flag segments seemed to be working in Krueger’s favor until lapped traffic got into the mix. Krueger slowed down as she approached traffic and Wiesz closed rapidly. With an excellent, high side move off of 4 Wiesz boxed in Krueger behind a lapped car and was by in a flash.

It looked to be pretty much all over from there as Wiesz started to draw away with ease. Then it all came undone for the 3 time champ as a terrific vibration sent Wiesz to the pits and out of the race. It was all Krueger after that as she beat a quick closing Billy Wallace to the checkers. William Fielding had another fine performance and got the show spot. Brent Dothage and Tom Baker rounded out the top 5. Wiesz, Jimmy Steward, Korey Lovell and Garry Burdick picked up heat race wins.

In the MRP Wingless Sprint Car feature, eventual winner Jeremy Hawes had an adventure. On the initial start Hawes got a wheel as he tried a bold inside move as the field took the green. Well, it didn’t quite work out as Hawes got up on 2 wheels and almost became the first big crash of the event. As it turns out Hawes saved it, dropped back and started an entertaining drive toward the front.

At the green, while Hawes was doing his airborne save, Joel Giusti took the early lead but was quickly reeled in and passed by 4th starting Tony Richards. Richards set sail as 6th starting Terry Schank carved his way into 2nd. While this was going on Hawes was on a mission and had threaded his way back into 3rd behind Schank. But, without some yellow flag help Hawes was doomed as the leaders seemed to have things under control. Well, that’s why we run the laps. What seems likely seldom is the outcome.

Almost as it seemed that 3rd was going to be Hawes’ fate, Richards snapped sideways in 3 and Schank piled in. Hawes was the new leader. The yellow/black 7 was unbeatable from there on as point leader Brett Youngman gained 2nd as the checkers were displayed. Youngman dodged a bullet on this night as his car suffered a malady that seemed to be serious during hot laps. More tension developed as Youngman didn’t show for his heat race. Youngman tagged onto the rear of the feature and climbed into second by the end gaining 2 points on Giusti, but losing 3 to Hawes as the championship point chase tightens even more.

The MRP Super Stock feature was just plain superb. A full field of MRP Super Stocks roared into turn 1 but after a circuit or two it was clear that two championship caliber stock car racers were going to decide this one amongst themselves. Corey Hal jumped into the lead from his pole position start and almost immediately was hounded by Ryan McDaniel. It’s the kind of race that you will always remember. McDaniel was relentless, but Hall turned back every challenge with an outstanding demonstration on how to protect your position. McDaniel, one of the best stock car racers around tried everything. Fans were on their feet and jumping up and down. 

As with all great races, there’s a twist. As the pair raced to the white flag a sudden yellow flag was shown. The late race caution set up a 1 lap shootout for the win. What a lap it was. Hall got a length or two on McDaniel at the green/white banner, but McDaniel quickly made it up with a great run off of turn 2. McDaniel tucked right under Hall’s spoiler for the final 2 turns. McDaniel hooked up on the bottom and started to inch past Hall on the inside. The duo flashed under the checkers side by side, but Hall had a fender on McDaniel and won.

The battle up front was so intense that James Castleberry’s fine run to 3rd and Willie Horn’s dash from the back after a spin, into 4th, went nearly unnoticed.

Robert Mull and Brent Hall took heat race honors.

Not to be outdone, the MRP Mini Stock main was also a thriller, decided, this time by a little bit more than a fender. Another virtually caution-free event was headed quickly into the books with Misty Castleberry apparently headed into victory lane once again. Howard Law and Alan Furuta were factors behind Castleberry while Mark Hill was challenging for 3rd. But all of it changed with 2 to go as another late race caution was thrown.

The 2 lap shootout was wicked-good. Hill got to 3rd as the new green waved, but Law was all over Castleberry and the pair started to bang bumpers and exchange paint as Law looked outside. Castleberry held him off as they took the white banner. This time Law looked inside and Hill had nowhere to go. Castleberry and Law were side by side through 3 and 4. Off of 4 for the checkers and sparks were flying as they came across side by side with Law getting the nod by ¾ of a car length. Another thriller! Hill stayed 3rd with Furuta in 4th. Castleberry and Furuta logged heat race wins.

Jeremy Hawes pretty much dominated the Hobby Stock feature once again, but there were a couple of outstanding moments in this one. First, Mike Dehoogh and Kyle Cheney were quick and Dehoogh most particularly stayed a competitive 2nd until a right rear tire problem ended his best ride to date…AND Hawes biked, that’s right, BIKED a hobby stock in turn 3. How do you bike a hobby stock? He saved it and went on to his easy win. Veteran pit steward and former Super Stock feature event winner, Rick Anchor decided to go along for the ride with Jeremy. It was a ride he’ll never forget as Hawes got the former police pursuit Crown Victoria high enough to see the underside.

Next week is the spectacular return of the Hunt Magneto Wingless Sprint Car Shootout Series. 3 time national USAC champion and current Hunt point leader Jimmy Sills will lead a stellar field of cars and stars to the Marysville clay. Defending champion Terry Schank and some 20+ teams of the traveling Hunt series will test the regulars in the MRP Wingless Sprint Car Series. This dual offering is designed to insure a quality field. The MRP Super Stocks, Mini Stocks, Hobby Stocks and Pro 4 Sprint Cars will all be part of this outstanding offering.

The Pit Gate opens at 3pm. The front gates open at 5pm with racing at 6.30pm.

Note: Please make this observer aware of any names that are misspelled or incorrect. The text is based on information we have at the time of its release. Complete finishes, stats and points become official and available at the close of business on Tuesday and will be posted to the web site.